I Very Highly Recommend This Attorney!

She is very knowledgeable and she very quickly spots the weaknesses of the other side (my x!). The judge agreed with everything Ms. Black argued in my divorce, and the other attorney seemed bewildered. She has a great work ethic. She is a hard worker, very honest, reliable, and a fighter. She kept me informed throughout the case and got me everything she said she would. I am a very pleased client and if I ever need an attorney again, Ms. Black will be the first I call.


I Can’t Say Enough!

I don’t know where to begin, but Ms. Black is awesome in my book. I contacted her many months before I went to court and she stayed on the phone with me seems like forever. Well anyways to fast forward to days before my court date I called her and asked her to come to court with me now remind you I had not talked to her for months after the first conversation. She picks right up and that particular day I had the worst anxiety and I told her I can’t do this by myself so I asked her could she go to court with me she came without any hesitation. She walked in that courtroom and did her thing I got a continuance. My court date came Ms. Black walked in that courtroom and made my ex husband look like the liar he has always been, she questioned him in away that I felt sorry for him because she caught him in so many false statements, even the judge was looking at him like why are you lying. To make a long story short she made it happen where I still receive a large portion of my support, she talked to me throughout the day we were in court and reassured me that I was okay and I had nothing to worry about and I won. I would recommend her to anyone people who are in need of a lawyer.


Thank you, Shana

Shana is an intelligent attorney who cares about the needs of families, and is fair and extremely knowledgeable on Family Law. During her representation of my case Shana was “realistic” about my case. She was confident and considerate about what my expectations where regarding custody of my daughter. The real success came after Shana won my case, and the relationship between my daughter & her father was restored despite my fears that he would treat her differently because of the results. In fact it strengthened because of the clear boundaries that were put in place during the hearing, and the transparency after it was over. Our family has truly healed with better communication between both parents and a common goal to raise our daughter in a loving environment. Since then when I have a family law concern that may arise, she is quick to respond whether by text or email. Due to the distance, I retained another attorney, through my employer thinking of saving money and I quickly learned what a huge mistake that was. Despite the disastrous outcome and poor service from the so-called Big Family Law Firm in my new residential area, Shana still was able to offer her professional opinion. Her superior family law counsel helped us accomplish our goals at our last hearing, and the success from that case was astounding!


Shana Black is my Hero!

Several years ago I fled an abusive husband who had brought me to San Diego from Canada, was homeless and living in domestic violence shelters, had no money and could not obtain employment as I had no work visa or citizenship status, To make matters worse, my husband was trying to obtain custody of my baby daughter. It was a hopeless situation that I could not see my way out of until I met Shana Black, and retained her as my attorney.

Little did Shana know that being my attorney would get her stalked and harassed relentlessly, involved with the police on numerous occasions and even led on a high speed chase down the freeway! She never once said “ok, maybe you should find another attorney.”

She stuck by me and fought my abusive ex husband with every bit of legal might she possessed, no matter how much abuse he flung her way, and it was a lot, it was intense, and it was never ending.

If it were not for her I would have never gotten out of that situation with my daughter or my sanity.


Shana Black is a Class Act

Shana is a class act. She helped guide me through a painful and daunting process and gave me options and encouragement in the midst of crisis. My first communication with her was over two years ago, now, when I was distraught after my husband (at the time) had left my son and me, and a police officer had advised me to file a restraining order against him. It was a very emotional time, and I was unfamiliar with the process. Before she was even formally my attorney, out of the goodness of her heart, she walked me through the process of filing a restraining order, keeping my son and I safe. Shana is sincere, honest, reliable, and she fights with my son and my best interests in mind. Shana cleaned up my case after I’d had a neglectful and dishonest attorney who had actually hurt my case, and Shana moved my case along with poise, tact, dignity, and grace. I have recommended Shana whenever I’m asked to reference an excellent, affordable attorney, and I’ll continue to recommend her in the future. Shana stands by her clients and their children through thick and thin. I am honored to have been represented by Shana, and so will you. Call her now. You’ll be so glad you did.


Shana Black Helped me Beyond Measure

Shana Black helped me beyond measure. I came to her with a hope and a prayer and little to know money for my case. She promptly identified the issues I had with my case and got to work for me. Always on time and reliable and didn’t charge me for petty fees like most high dollar attorneys due. Believe it or not she even worked with me on her retainer fee. Like so many people I thought as a father in a custody battle a had no chance. Thanks to Shana she made sure I got everything wanted and more.

Thanks Shana your the best


I Highly Recommend Shana Black

I highly recommend Ms. Shana Black. Ms. Black is professional and, more importantly, listens for my needs and advises accordingly. Throughout my experience with her, I felt I truly had someone on my side. She doesn’t miss a beat. Her due diligence is impressive, her knowledge of the law is incredible and her professionalism is above and beyond what I expected.


Shana Black is Absolutely Amazing

Shana Black is absolutely amazing. She has helped me so much with getting custody of my daughter and my divorce. She is very understanding and knows, very much, what she is doing. I know that it is very hard for a father to get custody of their child but if you need help doing that or need help with your divorce, she is definitely the person to talk to. She helped me get custody of my daughter and keep all my possessions from my divorce. She truly is a saint and I would definitely recommend and refer her to anyone that is going through a family court case. Shana Black truly is a saint.

Keith S.

Quality Legal Service, Expeditious with Excellence

I am the one who started my case with Shana after my ex-wife had drained all of our accounts, canceled our lease, and hidden our son. Half a year before that, I had experienced a major spell of anxiety. I was unemployed at the time. As a father, there seemed to be very little hope. I would not be able to protect our adorable son. Quality legal Service: I now have primary custody of my son. Expeditious: I had a generous visitation within three days of talking to Shana. Excellence: Despite my ex-wife using every deceit she could think of, Shana was able to present a strong and honest case, offer realistic assurances, and deliver on her word. I never had anything but confidence. She has gone so far beyond what I understood an attorney to be, that I feel she deserve her own category. I accidentally happened across her while on the Internet. I could not have been more fortunate, and know that the link to her page hit my eye by the will of that which protects children. Unless she recommends someone else, she is the right person for your case. She did the impossible for me. With all that, she is nice enough to thank me for the review.


Shana Black Understands

Twelve years ago I became a mom, and my daughter has been a true blessing; however the on going battle with her father has been emotionally and financially draining. My ex-husband is mentally, verbally and physically abusive to me and our child. He started physically abusing our child again and I knew I really had to fight with everything I have and make sure this is the END of the abuse. I was blessed to find Shana Black who understood that I was scared, emotionally hurt and at my last straw. She immediately advised me of my rights via phone BEFORE the retainer and she walked me through what to do before she and I sit down to meet. The first time I met her, I instantly knew she was the perfect lawyer to represent me. I was very eager to have her representing me in this 12 year battle. I have never felt so calm, and secure with an attorney on this case, and I have had a few. In my opinion none of the lawyers knew the law to the extent of Shana. She seriously knows the law and is not afraid to do the extra work to make sure justice is served. Shana has handled civil cases and child custody cases and I think that is what gives her more of an edge on things. I have referred a family friend to her and he is now being represented by her and he will agree that she is a true blessing for him and his kids. I urge everyone who truly loves their children to seek her legal counsel because from my personal experience she seriously earns every penny of that retainer and hourly amount. I now have 100% custody of my child. Shana has a great personality and she is a mother as well so she can relate and understand that cases like these are very tough and emotional. As I previously mentioned, Shana is extremely knowledgeable about the law and will put her best into all areas of your case.


Shana is an Angel

Shana is an angel. About 2 years ago, the mother of my children decided to move my kids out of state. Needing a lawyer, a friend of mine recommended Shana. The first time I meet her, I instantly knew she was the right lawyer for me. After an almost two year battle, I have my kids living with me 80% of the time. She has a great, upbeat personality. She is very knowledgeable about the law, and will work really hard on winning your case. She kept in constant contact with me, and even worked late nights, early mornings and weekends. She seems to know a lot of judges and lawyers, and uses that to her advantage. She is very affordable too. I would definitely hire her again, and would not hesitate a bit on recommending her to friends/family; I only wish I had here during my original divorce. Thank you Shana, you are the best!


Shana Black Knows the Intricacies of Divorce Law

Shana Black knows the intricacies of divorce law and aggressively pursued a divorce settlement for me that exceeded my expectations. Shana demonstrated considerable expertise and talent in the way she handled my case. There were times when I became frustrated and felt things were moving too slow, but I believe that is the nature of the process, not the attorney. If the end result is what matters, I highly recommend Shana Black.


My Guardian Angel

Shana Black has been my guardian angel since the word “go”!!! My soon to be ex husband was lying to me to make me give up my daughter to him and when I figured this out I called Shana and even though I now live on the east coast and it was WAY past her working hours she answered and went over all my stuff with me then drafted paperwork for me on the spot!!! I was blown away! He then filed two Ex Partes and she was right there both times and fought for me and both were denied! The case is still ongoing and we have a hearing in Sept and I have no doubt that she will go in there and kick butt! Not only does she really care about you and your child, she is highly intelligent and takes time to answer all my crazy questions till the wee hours!! Shana is the best hands down. I would recommend her every chance I get. Without her I would be lost and I trust her and her opinion 110% Honestly I could go on and on about how great she is and how much I totally think the world of her, but it would take up way to much space!!! LOL just know that if you need a lawyer she’s the one you need and if you go anywhere else your taking a chance of failure.


Shana Black is the Best!

Shana Black is the best! The mother of my children tried to take my kids and move them to Pennsylvania from San Diego without any type of custody agreement. It was truly an emergency situation where I felt my kids could be gone the next day. That’s when I called Shana Black. She had started to give me advice even before I had retained her as my attorney! Shana was able to guide me through the court process and immediately stop the mother from taking my kids before I had my day in court. In my first meeting with Shana it became obvious that she new exactly what the other party was going to do to take my children. Shana helped put me at ease during this extremely stressful time of my life and explained step-by-step what our next course of action would be. With Shana’s experience, attention to detail and accessibility, we won our case. I would strongly recommend retaining Shana as your attorney in any type of family law case. My children and I are now able to enjoy regular frequent contact with each other on almost a daily basis thanks to Shana. We are forever grateful!

Shawn L.

Shana is the BEST Attorney in San Diego!!!

I was looking for an Attorney in San Diego. I talked to many attorneys, but all they cared was about my money. When I first came to Shana, she made me fell, she really cared about me! She helped me right away, even it was a Saturday. I only had a couple of days to get ready for my court day and she was right there! She’s the only attorney I felt I could trust right away!! She is professional, helpful and the best of all, she truly cares about you!

Aidee G.

Shana J Black Attorney At Law is World Class!

I first met Shana when I was searching for a family law attorney, she was great! Years later I had an issue with child abuse to my daughter while under dads care. She was an angel at a time when I had no clue as to what to do. She helped me and my daughter thru some very tough times. Needless to say the perpetrator paid for his crimes.

Maggie S.

Shana J Black Attorney At Law is Fantastic Family Lawyer

I was a single mom of two, and needed representation on my custody/support/visitation case. Originally sent to DCSS, she was able to get more support, and set a visitation that would be effective for my kids as well as the non-custodial parent. She was very efficient, incredibly thorough and knowledgeable on Family Law, and aggressively passionate in the courtroom!


Shana J Black Attorney At Law is Excellent

When we needed to seek guardianship of my nephew, we consulted several attorneys and finally made the decision to have Shana Black represent us. That was the best decision we ever could have made. Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I have for Shana. During my nephew’s guardianship proceedings, she stayed the course even through the eight months of appeals! She was always on time for court hearings, she returned all our phone calls, and whenever needed, she made time to see us. Her expertise in the court room and her commitment to us as clients provided us with confidence in her representation. We had no worries with her handling our case and she was determined to make things right until my nephew finally came home. I refer all of my friends and colleagues that need expert legal representation to her because you can’t get any better than Shana Black.

Stephanie O.

Shana J Black Attorney At Law is an excellent lawyer

I was placed in a very bad situation by my wife leading into my divorce. She had relocated all of our funds, canceled our lease, and took my son from the home, hiding him from me. Within two days of contacting Shana, I had orders from the court for my wife to allow me weekly time with my son. Despite being in such an unstable situation, Shana was able to help me get an almost equal time allocation with my son. Shana is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and was able to take an empathetic approach in my case. I am so pleased with the work that she has done, I will be contacting her about my harassment/ constructive termination case, and look forward to continuing to work with her until both of these matters are fully resolved. For a father in a bad situation, I am amazed at how well she was able to present my case, and how much time the court has offered; this is one of the two resolutions I was hoping for.

Albert A.

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