An Annulment may be sought in certain situations where marriages are considered void under California’s Family Code. There are a few different and valid reasons for seeking an annulment:

  • The person requesting the annulment was not 18 years or older at the time of the marriage
  • Once spouse was legally married to another at the time of marriage (bigamy)
  • The married couple is related by blood
  • There was fraud/deception involved in getting one’s consent to marry.
  • One spouse forced the other to marry
  • One spouse has an “incurable physical incapacity” that prevents the couple from having a sexual relationship – i.e. male impotence
  • One spouse, or both, is not of sound mind, and lacked the ability to give consent due to this impairment – i.e. mental illness, intoxication or drug impairment

The person requesting the annulment must prove that one or more of the above situations existed at the time of the marriage. If the burden of proof is not provided by the requester, then the marriage will not be annulled.

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