Shana is an intelligent attorney who cares about the needs of families, and is fair and extremely knowledgeable on Family Law. During her representation of my case Shana was “realistic” about my case. She was confident and considerate about what my expectations where regarding custody of my daughter. The real success came after Shana won my case, and the relationship between my daughter & her father was restored despite my fears that he would treat her differently because of the results. In fact it strengthened because of the clear boundaries that were put in place during the hearing, and the transparency after it was over. Our family has truly healed with better communication between both parents and a common goal to raise our daughter in a loving environment. Since then when I have a family law concern that may arise, she is quick to respond whether by text or email. Due to the distance, I retained another attorney, through my employer thinking of saving money and I quickly learned what a huge mistake that was. Despite the disastrous outcome and poor service from the so-called Big Family Law Firm in my new residential area, Shana still was able to offer her professional opinion. Her superior family law counsel helped us accomplish our goals at our last hearing, and the success from that case was astounding!

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