Shana Black is the best! The mother of my children tried to take my kids and move them to Pennsylvania from San Diego without any type of custody agreement. It was truly an emergency situation where I felt my kids could be gone the next day. That’s when I called Shana Black. She had started to give me advice even before I had retained her as my attorney! Shana was able to guide me through the court process and immediately stop the mother from taking my kids before I had my day in court. In my first meeting with Shana it became obvious that she new exactly what the other party was going to do to take my children. Shana helped put me at ease during this extremely stressful time of my life and explained step-by-step what our next course of action would be. With Shana’s experience, attention to detail and accessibility, we won our case. I would strongly recommend retaining Shana as your attorney in any type of family law case. My children and I are now able to enjoy regular frequent contact with each other on almost a daily basis thanks to Shana. We are forever grateful!

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