Shana Black has been my guardian angel since the word “go”!!! My soon to be ex husband was lying to me to make me give up my daughter to him and when I figured this out I called Shana and even though I now live on the east coast and it was WAY past her working hours she answered and went over all my stuff with me then drafted paperwork for me on the spot!!! I was blown away! He then filed two Ex Partes and she was right there both times and fought for me and both were denied! The case is still ongoing and we have a hearing in Sept and I have no doubt that she will go in there and kick butt! Not only does she really care about you and your child, she is highly intelligent and takes time to answer all my crazy questions till the wee hours!! Shana is the best hands down. I would recommend her every chance I get. Without her I would be lost and I trust her and her opinion 110% Honestly I could go on and on about how great she is and how much I totally think the world of her, but it would take up way to much space!!! LOL just know that if you need a lawyer she’s the one you need and if you go anywhere else your taking a chance of failure.

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