I don’t know where to begin, but Ms. Black is awesome in my book. I contacted her many months before I went to court and she stayed on the phone with me seems like forever. Well anyways to fast forward to days before my court date I called her and asked her to come to court with me now remind you I had not talked to her for months after the first conversation. She picks right up and that particular day I had the worst anxiety and I told her I can’t do this by myself so I asked her could she go to court with me she came without any hesitation. She walked in that courtroom and did her thing I got a continuance. My court date came Ms. Black walked in that courtroom and made my ex husband look like the liar he has always been, she questioned him in away that I felt sorry for him because she caught him in so many false statements, even the judge was looking at him like why are you lying. To make a long story short she made it happen where I still receive a large portion of my support, she talked to me throughout the day we were in court and reassured me that I was okay and I had nothing to worry about and I won. I would recommend her to anyone people who are in need of a lawyer.

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